Thursday, June 2, 2011

Well darn it....

I have a major love affair with vintage swimsuits. This lovely yellow number arrived today & it breaks my heart to admit that the fit is AWFUL! For me, at least. I have never had a suit be big in the tummy area before - especially given my apple shape - but definitely never a vintage suit! After thorough inspection of the small leg openings, loose/thin/stretchy mesh under layer, bust, etc. I have come to the conclusion that this must be a maternity suit. Either that or for a 7' tall lady.....

Back on Ebay it goes! :(

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Grocery Deals -- 5/31- 6/4

Confession: I, Momma J, am a compulsive list-maker. My favorite list the one I get to make every Sunday morning, after anxious awaiting the arrival of the grocery ads.

I am a follower of The $5 Dinner Mom & her never pay more than (NPMT) strategy. This is where my beloved grocery ads come in handy. I can go through each local stores ad, noting what is on sale below my NPMT limit. Of course, I only bother with things that already know & enjoy. I am too frugal to go ape sh*t crazy over bargains on things we won't use. Listed below are the current deals that I found exciting enough to put on my shopping list.

Strawberries - $.99/ lb.
Blueberries - $1.49/ pt.  ( They were $.99 last week but I failed to stock up. )
Whole Pineapple - $.99
Kiwi - $.99/ 8 pk. ** Super deal on these. Even at Walmart they normally run 25-35 cents per.
Ahi Tuna Steaks - $3.99 / 16 oz. **This made them $3/lb, which is darn good for quality fish.
     Side note: I almost always buy our milk here. This week skim was $2.79/gal. It has gone up $.30 so far this year. I think the time has come to buy a cow....

Broccoli Crowns - $1/ lb.
Celery - $1/ lb.
Leaf Lettuces (Romaine, Red & Green) -$1/head
Chicken Wings - $5.37/ 3 lb. bag ** This made them $1.79/lb. I have yet to buy these.

Cherries - $2.98/ lb. * So far this year I have not seen them for less than $4/ lb.
Squash (yellow) - $.99/ lb.
Zucchini - $.99/ lb.
Peaches - $1.28/ lb. *These will be cheaper in a couple months but I was excited to see them!
Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast - $1.18/ lb. *Very good. (This item tends to hover about $2/ lb. when not on sale. I will buy several pounds at this price & freeze them for later.)
Boneless Sirloin Pork Roast - $1.98/ lb. *Pretty good. My NPMT price for pork is $2/ lb.
Beef Chuck Roast - $2.18/ lb. *Very good. My NPMT price for beef is $3/ lb. but less is great!

Food Giant:
Loin-end Pork Chops - $1.18/ lb. *Super good. They have pork chops on sale at this price occasionally & we always buy enough to last until next time.
Fresh Green Beans - $1.18/ lb. Am I seeing a trend here?...

Well, that is it for now. I love the idea of having a concrete way to track these instead of tossing my crumpled list after shopping! More on the NPMT method coming soon.......

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Pre-nesting Nesting

Whew! I have been one busy lady. So busy, in fact, that I needed to be blogging in order to keep track of my goals & accomplishments but clearly I failed to so. Thumbs way down! Ok, end of pity party.

Some of the things I have done since my last post include: hanging out in the basement during tornado warnings, using some leftover decorative bricks/pavers to build a fire pit on our patio, *finally* painting our old, dent ridden mailbox (as I am too cheap to buy a new one), working in my friend's booth at a craft fair one weekend and about a bajillion other things. Yes, a bajillion.

I did manage to get the glass on our front door frosted, thank goodness. The door is totally inappropriate for a mid-century ranch (steel, half glass with a sort of flower design & that funky gold leading in it) but it is safe & in good shape so for now we are dealing with it. Papa J has always hated it also, but for other reasons. Although there were decorative frosted sections throughout the glass he always felt like we were "exposed". *Papa J's job makes him very sensitive to these things.* Anyway, the solution I came to that satisfied us both actually turned out quite cute! I simply covered the center of the flower design, an unfrosted circle about 3 inches across, with painter's tape while I frosted, peeled it off when I was finished and voila! Adorable little port hole window! It's really perfect because no one can see in unless they are right up on the step but we can still see who is ringing our doorbell. I love easy fixes!

Also, I feel like should spill a little secret. I have told a couple of my closest girl friends but I am eager to see it in writing. Drum roll..... I have officially been off oral contraceptives for 2 weeks now. No more birth control pills! We aren't all out trying to conceive yet but knowing a potential Baby J is that much closer is so exciting. I kept reading articles that said it was best to try to have 2-3 'natural' periods before trying to become pregnant. Who knows if this is true but it sounded logical to me. So for now it is condoms, vitamins and more pre-nesting nesting.

Stay tuned for the story of Momma J and the Battle of the Clothes Line Pole.....

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Getting to know you; getting to know all about you...

Oh boy, that tune will be in my head for days! In the event that someone would ever decide to look at this blog, I feel I should share a little about my young family & our simple, happy life. Last fall I lost my job in home furnishing & decor sales, which I adored, and with it 40% of our income. My beloved husband, Papa J, refused to let me pout & convinced me that it might just be a blessing.

The long hours & catty environment at "The Store" had put a great deal of pressure on me and subsequently our marriage. After only two years, we found ourselves in the dreaded place where so many marriages fall apart. We decided that, rather than allowing an additional problem to break us down, we would band together. We were both raised to be thrifty, practical people but had become lazy, relying mostly on conveniences like frequent dinners out, credit cards for frivolous purchases, etc. We knew we could better. We knew we could live better with less and be happy doing it. Is it easy? Heck no! Is it worth it, to see our bond renewed & our debt lowered? YOU BETCHA! Follow along with me as I share tips, tricks, ups & downs, joys, sorrows and new discoveries that come with living in a nifty, thrifty, happy home.